What We Do

5-types-of-sausage-006At Pacific Gourmet Meats we take care to deal with producers and suppliers that hold a similar food philosophy to our own.

Located in Cronulla, your friendly and professionally trained butchers can tend to your every meat needs, offering great recommendations of cuts and even recipes to
cater for every type of meat.

Pacific Gourmet Meats are your premium local butcher, open since 2000.

We supply only the best quality meat in town, at affordable prices.meat

Whole bulk meat is already sliced; ready to be cooked which is easier for catering and a definite popular option for families.

Call up and pre-place your orders, which will be ready for pick up when requested, to save the queues. Our tender beef, lamb, veal, pork, organic, poultry and MSA will
impress as we only ever get the best!

We truly appreciate the range of products we stock, you need to visit our store.